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Drop Shipping Suppliers

Drop Shipping & Effects On Courier Fees

Some products we offer on our store are being shipped directly from our supplier to you. This is done to keep the prices of our products down by minimizing transport costs.

This unfortunately makes it difficult to therefore make an order containing items shipped from our suppliers as well as items shipped from our store and/or other suppliers. You will need to cover the courier fee from us as well as our supplier which means that your courier fee will be high.

The only way to avoid this is by making an order with items that are only shipped by the specific supplier. If you have added products to your cart that are from different suppliers, you will see a message in your shipping options notifying you of so.

The following items are all being dropped shipped directly from our supplier Totemic Genetics. To avoid high courier fees add only products from the following departments in one order:

All Totemic Genetics Products

All Canuk Seeds Products