Totemic Genetics 420 Deal – 3 Packs for 420


Locally bred and adapted to our climate. These quality seeds are a great addition to anyone’s library at an affordable price, and will delight with their crystal covered floral bounty.

This deal includes 3 different cultivars bred locally by Totemic Genetics. 10 Regular seeds of each

Chocolate Kush F4 – 10 Seeds

Chocolate Haze F2 –  10 Seeds

Choc Bubbleberry F1 – 10 Seeds

You can find documented grows with these genetics here


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Chocolate kush F4

Northern Lights x Chocolope

Flowering time: 10 – 11 weeks

A perfect combination of coffee, chocolate, and a spicy curry, makes for a tasty wake and bake, and anytime smoke.

This cross expresses as an indica with fat hard sativa flowers, offering a balanced cerebral effect, energetic, creative, and a non numbing relaxation on the body.


Chocolate Haze F2

Northern Lights x Chocolope x G13 Haze

Flowering Time: 9 – 10 weeks

With its characteristic citrus, mint, and pine terpene profile, coupled with sweet chocolate undertones, this sativa dominated cross grows long, fat, rock hard colas, that are sure to leave you uplifted, creative, and extremely happy, with subtle indica undertones to relax the body and calm the mind. This is a reliable daytime strain, that will help you focus without getting glued to your couch, or riddled with the munchies.


Choc Bubbleberry F1

Chocolope x Bubbleberry

Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks

True to its name, the Choc Bubbleberry strain will cheer you up and make you bubble with happiness. An ideal hybrid of award winners, Blueberry, Bubblegum and Chocolope. Choc Bubbleberry is sure to uplift you to new heights and make your creative side go wild. This sativa dominant hybrid has a sweet berry flavor that makes it a favorite among people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, pain and anorexia. This straight growing plant produces fair-sized dense nuggets that are light green in color and are coated with orange hair. This cross has a tendency to wake a person’s hunger. Munchies are a must.


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